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2. The Kiss and the Embrace

The Museum of the Creative Process

Art and Conflict ResolutionThe Kiss and The Embrace show a cooperative relationship with mutual respect; the roles are reversible and have little tension. Similar sizes reflect mutual respect.

On the right is The Kiss, a naked couple kissing, the other is The Embrace, two square columns of equal height united by two metal plates that makes you think of betrothal of equals.

The Museum of the Creative Process

   We may conclude that the secrets to happiness according to Fairy Tales are in a conflict resolution outcome. The predictable nature of all unconscious evolves from a conflict—The Lady and The Dragon—to its resolution, ‘Happily Ever After,' as seen in The Kiss and The Embrace.

     The significance of this observation is that all creativity is organized as a conflict resolution. This installation introduces awareness on the predictable nature of the unconscious thought process, structuring the plot of stories as The Unit entity of the Conflict Resolution Process.