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Mural 1: Three Creation Stories Reveal How the Mind Proceeds From Chaos to Order; From Conflict to Resolution

   Three creation stories; the Greek cosmonogy, the Oriental yin-yang, and the Bible's six days of creation, have an identical structure. The Formal Theory suggests that this structure, the Conflict Resolution Process, is the unit of unconscious moral order.

   Hun-tun, Chinese for chaos, was divided into two interactive entities, the yin (the earth below), and the yang (the sky above). The Greek creation also started with the interaction of the Earth below and the Sky above.

2. Response: Mother Earth armed Chronos, her youngest son, with a flint sickle. Chronos castrated his father. Father Sky's severed phallus falling on the water was transformed into the beautiful Aphrodite.
4. Defense: Upon their birth, out of fear of being killed by them, Chronos devoured the Olympian children.
6. Compromise:Dying Chronos cursed Zeus to be killed in turn by his child. Zeus, scared of this predicament, swallowed his wife Meti as soon as she became pregnant. A few months later, Hephestus, the smith, opened his skull, and Zeus' daughter Athena emerged. His screams and curses shook the universe.
1. Stress: Following their union, Father Sky threw his children into Tartarus (Hell), to the dismay of his wife, Mother Earth.
3. Anxiety: Dying Father Sky cursed Chronos to be killed in his turn by his children, the Olympians. Chronos panicked at the sight of his children.
5. Role Reversal: Mother Rhea hid her youngest, Zeus, from his father. Zeus grew up, freed his brothers, Ares and Poseidon, and the three killed their father. Ares, hidden in his helmet of darkness, disarmed Chronos, Poseidon with his trident pinned him down, and Zeus finished him off with a lightning bolt.

: Athena was born dressed like a warrior to pretect herself from men and the curse of being killed by her children. Yet Athena was raped by Hephastus and had a son, Erichthonius, whom she prompty got rid of by putting him in foster placement. Having come of age, to appease his mother, Erichthonius built her a temple on the Acropolis. Athena, reassured, gave to Athers her olive tree and her owl.
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