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Mural 4: My Metaphors, Myself: 1983

Validation #2: Here, six metaphor creation tests help to reconstruct the personal six-role Conflict Resolution Process. The experimentally derived sequence validates the theory by showing that parts are formally interrelated within the dramatic totality. This totality also tells how its author, Dr. Albert Levis, evolved from a stress, "The War of Metaphors," through his response, anxiety, defense, reversal, to the compromise of "The Reconciliation of the Metaphors."

Response is identified by the Mask Test, which reveals a person's identity. I chose the image of the runaway Pinocchio, the wooden puppet lying about his identity, fleeing the killer whale of hot ideologies pursuing naive consumers.
Defense is identified by the Animal Metaphor Test. Here, the Formal Theory Oedipus is offering the Shpinx an olive branch--Conflict Resolution--as the new answer to the everlasting riddle on the nature of man.
Compromise is identified by the Short Story Test. My Judaic passion for jusice and my Greek respect for reason as the fiddler on the temple roof unites the world metaphors in the cosmic dance of an universal moral order.
Stress is identified by the Memories Test. It represents my recollection of World War II as "The War of the Metaphors," the war of multiple cultural conflicts endagering everybody's survival.
Anxiety is identified by the Behind the Mask Test. It presents Pinocchio trapped in the stomach of the killer whale with his creator, Geppetto. My Pinocchio is showing the Unit of the Conflict Resolution Process to Geppetto. This discovery has transformed him from a puppet into a true human.
Role Reversal is identified by the Dream Test. It presents the daydream of my family working as a team delivering hospitality and wisdom to fellow travelers on the patio of the Art to Science Project, the Wilburton Inn.
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