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Mural 6: From Art to Science in the Search For A Better Paradigm

Insights in the great world cultures are easily yielded by constrasting their respective variation of dealing with temptation as reflected in their Apple Metaphors. The graphs reflect how these may be portrayed and quantified scientifically as alternative restructurings of power.

Mexican Indian Culture

  • Submissive Antagonistic Mode
  • Human sacrifice to the Gods.
  • Man is the apple to be plucked.

Judaic Culture

  • Dominant Cooperate Mode
  • Forbidden Fruit
  • Mosaic Law

Oriental Culture

  • Submissive Cooperative Mode
  • Sacred cows as an exaggeration of the forbidden fruit, exaggerated self restraignt leading to inflicting pain on oneself.

Greek Culture

  • Dominant Antagonistic Mode
  • Competitiveness is acceptable
  • The Apple of Discord

Physics constructs of displacement (s), velocity (v), and acceleration (a), are equivalent to Formal Theory's status (s) behaviors (v) and emotions (a). Clockwise vectors correspond to cooperation, counterclockwise to the opposite, antagonistic. Whole numbers correspond to activity states, fraction to reciprocal passivity states.

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