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Science Studies the Epistemology of the Unit

Panel 1: The Unit of the Conflict Resolution Process, a Natural Science Phenomenon as the Secular/Gnostic Paradigm of Moral Order.  

   In the Wizard of Oz* story, the Yellow Brick Road is the path uniting Dorothy’s adventures into a totality with a beginning, a middle and an end. According to the Formal Theory, this path of surprises and adventures is an example of a perfect abstract and predictable system of transformations dictated by the unconscious, redefined as the Unit of the Conflict Resolution Process.

   The secrets and the magic of psychology and religion are revealed by understanding this measurable and predictable unconscious mechanism which like the Wizard of Oz governs our lives and determines our fortunes. In uncovering this unconscious and universal moral order, the Formal Theory demystifies psychology and morality and makes life less scary and more manageable for Dorothy and mankind.

The unit is a series of six interrelated role states:

  • Stress
  • Response
  • Anxiety
  • Defense
  • Reversal
  • Compromise

“The poor Scarecrow was left clinging to the pole in the middle of the river"

From Art to Science, From Content to Process, From a Drama to a Universal Moral Order, the Formal Analysis of a Model Symbolic System


The Unit is the metaphor underlying all metaphors.

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