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Morality Targets Moral Empowerment Through the Exaltation of the Unit

Panel 10: Piety as Respect of the Universal Moral Order.

Negotiating Power with Oz is a Metaphor of Rethinking God. Morality Studies the Exaltation of the Unit.

   The second sequence of six roles is the healing or transformational one. It leads to the restructuring of roles with Oz by perceiving him now as a benign and benevolent authority figure. The creator of a sequence of metaphors following the Power Management workbook, like the four adventurers of the Oz book, through studying their metaphors becomes less intimidated by his/her fears, and more knowledgeable and insightful. S/he feels empowered and becomes responsible for one’s life. S/he is enabled to rethink his/her moral dilemmas by evolving a positive attitude, becoming more selfconfident, kinder and less prone to be conflicted by blind inner emotional forces and less vulnerable to Oz-like arbitrary self-righteous moral authorities.

    Creativity has determined mankind’s moral evolution during the history of civilization as epics and religions have redefined moral standards and God. Heroes of cultural paradigms have evolved from cruel judgmental and punitive authorities to ones who are understanding, benevolent
and forgiving.


“‘The Scarecrow saw…a most lovely lady.’”

Since anticipations are determined by one’s relational modality correcting our relational modality can improve our perception of God and inversely a benevolent God can inspire us with an improved attitude

Reconciling Faith and Reason through the Formal Analysis of Yigdal


Formal Theory of Behavior
Maimonides' Thirteen Articles of Faith

On God as the Unit of the Conflict Resolution Process

1. Religions represent Power Management models, each religion contributing a moral discovery intuitively inspired by the global unconscious need for conflict resolution.

2. Religions have evolved dialectically along the sequence of role transformation contained in the entirety of the Unit Process. Accordingly religions evolved from Matriarchy to Patriarchy, from Daughter Power ( Moon Goddess) to Son Power (Sun Gods), from Father and Son Monotheism to Mother and Child Messianism.

3. In its conceptualization of God, mankind has evolved from concrete toward abstract perceptions of moral order,e.g.,from pagan worship to moral philosophies like Buddhism . Now it is possible to define God scientifically as a periodic, predictable, measurable, graphically portrayable Conflict Resolution Process dynamic phenomenon coinciding with the human unconscious. This entity consists of a system of purely abstract formal and energetic transformations.

4. The moral truth is not defined by the content of religions but by the universal structure underlying all moral paradigms: the Conflict Resolution Process. This structure reflects the formal and natural science properties of the Unit process.

5. The only moral authority to command our loyalty and respect are the totally abstract and universal scientific principles that dictate the nature of the universal moral order. These principles are identified in the definition of the Unit Process.

Prophets as Intuitive Thinkers

6. Prophets, artists and scientists alike are guided intuitively by their unconscious need for Conflict Resolution.

7. Moses intuitively recognized the value of the universal Principles of Conflict Resolution as ones that people should deliberately adhere to in order to resolve conflicts.

8. All moral scriptures, literature and creativity reflect the profound unconscious need for moral order.

On God

1. There is a Creator who alone created and creates all things

2. He is the One, unique

3. He has no body, no form

4. He is eternal

5. He alone is to be worshipped


On Prophets

6. The words of the prophets are true

7. Moses was the greatest prophet

8. The source of the Torah is Divine


On the Credibility of the Scriptures

9. The Torah is immutable

10. God knows the deeds and the thoughts of men

11. God rewards and punishes

12. The Messiah will come

13. God forever praised will resurrect the dead


Scriptural Moral Discoveries Intuitively Perceive the Truth

9. There are many sacred scriptures. They represent metaphorical, intuitive attempts to capture the nature of moral order and to present it as the divinely inspired absolute truth. Only science can capture the universal laws of order. The Formal Theory applies the conflict resolution principles to the realms of Behavior and Moral Order.

10. Emotions , behaviors and biological states are organized as syndromal sequences which abide by the laws of science. Hence behaviors and emotions are predictable.

11. The four alternative syndromal ways of relating differ in their effectiveness in resolving conflicts. According to one’s handling of power, one may experience happiness or unhappiness, sanity or madness.

12. Only the scientific understanding of the Unit Process can free humanity from prejudice and divisiveness and unite all the cultures of the world through a universal moral order.

13. Science reconciles all moral paradigms into an evolutional continuum of moral discoveries which have contributed to the dialectic development of awareness of the nature of moral order.

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