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Morality Targets Moral Empowerment Through the Exaltation of the Unit

Panel 12: Depoliticizing Prayer by Endorsing the Unit as the Secular Moral Paradigm.

     Only humans are capable of deliberately reducing mental and interpersonal tension. Through a prayer and meditation, as positive thinking, we can reach the state of complete conflict resolution or peace of mind.

     Yet prayer, tainted with political bias, has been banned from American public education. This development has overlooked the healing function of this old institution. The Formal Theory, advancing a secular moral pa-radigm, rediscovers prayer as the apolitical or universal pursuit of positive thinking, that is of conflict resolution. Now education can reclaim the apolitical prayer to help the student to proceed to the search both of inner peace and of global harmony.

“Hear my prayer, O Lord, and let my cry come unto thee."

     Prayer is a profound internal dialogue, a sequence of behaviors and emotions transpiring in the contemplative realm, leading to the ultimate state of conflict resolution. One has a sense of safety based on generating moderation, cooperation and a self-other mutual acceptance. The individual, by admitting powerlessness, finds mastery; by advocating cooperation and respect, finds empowerment. By loving, one feels enabled to become loving and forgiving. Deference to a benevolent God shapes one’s positive attitude to all.

Adon Olam, in Hebrew ‘Master of the Universe’ , is a prayer whose empowering value becomes universally acceptable by substituting the controversial, multi-defined concept of God by the scientifically redefined moral Unit phenomenon, the Conflict Resolution Process, also known as the Creative Process.

The Creative Process gives birth to every living thing.

When all was made as the Process ordained,
Then only It was known as the Creator and Master.

When all is ended the Process will reign alone in awesome majesty.

The Process was, is and will be glorious in eternity.

Peerless and unique is the
Process, with none at all to be compared.

Beginningless and endless, the Process’s vast dominion is not shared.

The Creative Process is our Master, our life’s Redeemer, our Refuge in distress,
Our shelter sure, our cup of life, its limitless goodness.

I place our spirit in its care, when we wake as when we sleep.

The Process is with us.

We shall not fear, body and spirit are in its keep.

Prayers Maybe Demystified by Redefining God as the Unit.

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