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Science Studies the Epistemology of the Unit

Panel 2: Myths and Religions, Art and Drama, Psychology and Science as Mankind’s Quests for Meaning, for the Hidden Moral Order.

    To make life less scary and unpredictable, mankind has pondered on the mystery of the forces that like The Wizard of Oz control our lives. To this effect it has created myths, religions, philosophies and theories of psychology. Originally the forces governing our destiny were attributed to external entities like heroes and gods. Gradually we turned for answers to examining internal demons like Freud’s Id struggling with the Ego and the Superego.

    The Formal Theory demystifies psychology and morality by redefining the Freudian unconscious as a purely abstract totality -the Conflict Resolution Process. This totality consists of six role states which are interrelated like the oscillations of the pendulum, in the Simple Harmonic Motion. 

     The only difference between the unconscious mind and of the pendulum motion is that the mind interrupts this cyclic repetition of events by seeking conflict resolution and rest. Unlike the pendulum going back and forth forever, Dorothy and her friends walk the Yellow Brick Road twice to confront and conquer mankind’s fears by transforming conflict to resolution, or in formal terms, by transforming passivity to activity, antagonism to cooperation and alienation to mutual respect.

“You ought to be ashamed of yourself, a big beast like you!”

The Formal Theory translates the dialogue between the characters into an ongoing predictable, personal dialectic.

From Art to Science, From Content to Process, From a Drama to a Universal Moral Order, the Formal Analysis of a Model Symbolic System.

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