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Science Studies the Epistemology of the Unit

Panel 3: Finally the Quests for Meaning; found in the Unit, the Science-based Paradigm of Moral Order.

    Toto exposed the ominous Oz as a person controlling an interactive audiovisual effects machine. Similarly the Formal Theory demystifies psychology and morality by unveiling the rational organization of mental operations. The Formal Theory unmasks the unconscious as a mental heartbeat identical to the Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM). There is only one difference between the two. The equilibrium of the Conflict Resolution Process (CRP) is tipped against cyclic repetition by favoring resolution.
   With this difference aside, the Formal Theory suggests parity between the moral-mental and the mechanical oscillations. This parity bridges the gap between the humanities and the rigorous sciences and introduces the natural science constructs and formulas into the disciplines of psychology and morality.

    The scientific laws underlying Moral Order were derived by equating the Unit, a social science periodic phenomenon, with the simple harmonic motion, a periodic phenomenon from the natural sciences.

“You must give me the Golden Cap”

Passing the Golden Cap corresponds to the empowerment of an authority figure fulfilling the unconscious need for justice or moral order.

From Art to Science, From Content to Process, From a Drama to a Universal Moral Order, the Formal Analysis of a Model Symbolic System.

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