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Psychology Studies the Syndromal Structure of the Unit

Panel 4: The Unit as a Syndrome, a Sequence of Formally Interrelated Exchanges.

In real life, the six-role Unit process (Stress, Response, Anxiety, Defense, Reversal and Compromise) becomes a sequence of interrelated events, thoughts, emotions and behaviors that illustrate the personal relational Conflict Resolution Process. Dorothy and her three companions, the Lion, the Tinman and the Scarecrow represent alternative ways of resolving conflict as the choice of relating varies from one character to another.

Animal personalities with their distinct characters serve well to highlight particular patterns of relating. The Animal Metaphor Test guides a person to identify his/her relational pattern by drawing two animals and by composing a conversation between them. The person’s choice of animals and the ensuing exchanges help to diagnose the person’s relational modality. This is illustrated in the animals’ identities and their exchanges as an individual’s Conflict Resolution Process.

In the Animal Metaphor Test the choice of animals and their conversation reveals the relational modality of its author. Animal choices and the animals’ exchanges have formal characteristics and natural science dimensions.

The Formal Unit Process manifests itself as the exchanges of a sample metaphor story.

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