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Psychology Studies the Syndromal Structure of the Unit

Panel 6: The Four Heroes Illustrate the Four Scenarios of Conflict Resolution. Psychology Studies the Syndromal Structure of the Unit.

     Relational modalities, as attitudes, are modifiable by completing the entire conflict resolution process, that is by outgrowing one’s relational limitations through confronting one’s fears or anxieties. Pursuit of complete conflict resolution and personal transformation guided the four Oz companions to encounter the Wizard of Oz who challenged them to kill the Wicked Witch of The West.

To acquire the desired qualities of courage, a heart, a brain and going back home the companions had to pursue a new six-role journey. Along this journey they transformed the Stress of their needs, to a Response, their new adventure. They overcame their fears, (Anxiety), by taking risks, and thus defeating the Wicked Witch, (Defense). Empowered by this victory, they were able to confront Oz, demystify his identity and reverse roles with him, (Reversal). Oz departed from the Emerald City and the companions succeeded him by assuming his roles of leadership (Compromise).

Along this six-role-process our heroes were able to resolve their conflicts by transforming oppression to mastery, antagonism to cooperation and alienation to mutual respect.

"Giving a great spring, he shot through the air."

Risk taking is the means to overcome one’s fears.


The Formal Range of Relational Modalities Constitutes the Spectrum of Normal Personality Categories.

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