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Psychotherapy and Education Study the Restructuring of the Unit in the Pursuit of Effectiveness

Panel 7: Creativity & Power Management, the Journey of Self-Discovery, and Personal Transformation.

   The Wizard of Oz story may be seen as a sample of the Creativity and Power Management course. This course deliberately taps creativity to capture the personal symbolic system in metaphorical language for diagnostic and therapeutic objectives. The adventures of the heroes in the Oz metaphor-land herald what occurs in the Power Management training. The adventures lead first to self-discovery and then to personal transformation.

   Like the book of the Wizard, the training creates awareness of the unifying central path, the roller-coaster of the Unit Process. Then it organizes along this path one’s experiences and thoughts as a pattern of relating. Next it explores the restructuring of one’s relating. Finally the training addresses the rethinking of morality. It departs from the static notions of an external authority figure by
promoting awareness of the dynamic intrapsychic principles of conflict resolution.

   Power Management differs from the Oz book merely in that it is about one’s own symbolic universe and about the abstract redefinition of moral order stemming from one’s very own unconscious.

“The tinsmiths worked for three days and four nights…”

The Formal Range of Relational Modalities Constitutes the Spectrum of Normal Personality Categories.

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