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Psychotherapy and Education Study the Restructuring of the Unit in the Pursuit of Effectiveness

Panel 8: The Unit as the Superhighway to Wisdom

    Similarly to the Wizard of Oz story, the Power Management adventure leads to composing and integrating metaphors into two complementary Conflict Resolution Processes. The first leads the author/trainee to find out about oneself and the second to pursue the restructuring of one’s metaphors to correct one’s relational deficiency by becoming positive in one’s outlook and self-esteem. The first sequence is diagnostic and the second therapeutic.

   The Diagnostic Sequence proceeds from Stress to Compromise:

1. Stress: Dorothy and friends feel damaged, defective and deprived.

2. Response: Dorothy and friends as four relational alternatives set off on the road of adventure.

3. Anxiety: They share a general fear of authority figures.

4. Defense: The four companions are bonded by surviving several challenges.

5. Reversal: The group is entranced by Oz as a set of individual distortions.

6. Compromise:The companions are determined to pursue their objectives through deliberate risk-taking.

In Panel Six, we talked about the second transformation sequence. Upon its conclusion, the four heroes have been transformed from being in conflict, defined as feeling oppressed, antagonistic and alienated to experiencing resolution, defined as feeling mastery, cooperation and mutual respect.

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“The soldier with the green whiskers led them through the streets of the Emerald City”

The Soldier with the Green Whiskers is an appropriate symbolization of the trainer utilizing the Conflict Analysis Training workbook guiding his students through the streets of the Emerald City, the integrated images of their own metaphor world.

Self Knowledge is Achieved by Identifying One's Personal Conflict Resolution Process


Killing the Witch, Confronting Evil as the Condition to Transformation and Healing. Psychoeducation Studies Restructuring the Unit in the Pursuit of Conflict Resolution.

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