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Psychotherapy and Education Study the Restructuring of the Unit in the Pursuit of Effectiveness

Panel 9: The Unit Integrates Knowledge, Self-Knowledge and Clarity of Values.

   The second sequence of six roles is the healing or transformational one. It leads to the restructuring of roles with Oz by perceiving him now as a benign and benevolent authority figure. The creator of a sequence of metaphors following the Power Management workbook, like the four adventurers of the Oz book, through studying their metaphors becomes less intimidated by his/her fears, and more knowledgeable and insightful. S/he feels empowered and becomes responsible for one’s life. S/he is enabled to rethink his/her moral dilemmas by evolving a positive attitude, becoming more selfconfident, kinder and less prone to be conflicted by blind inner emotional forces and less vulnerable to Oz-like arbitrary self-righteous moral authorities.

    Creativity has determined mankind’s moral evolution during the history of civilization as epics and religions have redefined moral standards and God. Heroes of cultural paradigms have evolved from cruel judgmental and punitive authorities to ones who are understanding, benevolent
and forgiving.


“‘I am Oz, the Great and Terrible,’ said the little man, in a trembling voice.”

Upon the completion of the voyage the creator of one’s metaphors has the courage to introduce oneself as an unmasked and vulnerable wizard, a Great and Terrible trembling human.

Consolidate Relational Changes by Respectfully Accepting One’s Social Roles and Responsibilities.

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