Introducing Teleion Holon, the atomistic unit of behavior, the scientific moral paradigm, as the universal software of the mind

This press release invites journalists to spend a weekend in VT to find out the alternative way for America to win the War on Terror. Instead of fighting a culture the challenge is shifted to understanding scientifically the nature of all cultures, of the mind as the originator of all moral thought. Journalists will participate at a think tank gathering March 17-19, alternatively March 24-26, in Manchester, VT at Teleion Holon, Wilburton Inn’s holistic retreat, to learn about and discuss the launching of Teleion Holon, Greek for the Perfect Universe, the scientific moral paradigm suitable for the Global Era.

During this weekend workshop the host, Dr. Albert Levis, a Yale trained psychiatrist from Athens, Greece, will introduce the discovery of the scientific nature of the creative process, as a unit conflict resolution mechanism, clarifying the nature of the unconscious as a natural science and moral order periodic phenomenon and the origin of all moral thinking.

He labels this unit entity ‘Teleion Holon’, after Aristotle’s construct of the dramatic process as a ‘perfect universe’. The discovery of this concept is a major scientific breakthrough. The unit entity of orderly mental associations is capturing the psyche and spirituality as natural science phenomena that can be observe clearly in our own associations within a sample dialogue. The unit is the universal harmonic that integrates all the social science disciplines into the Science of Conflict Resolution, the Moral Science, a natural science.

The theory reconceptualizes psychology and religion. The unit order understands the human mind as the rational origin of moral thought. The unit’s foremost importance is that it bridges the artificial gap between psychology and morality and between the humanities and the sciences. The Moral Science expands the frontier of knowledge for humanity and is bound to incite a revolution in the world of the arts and the sciences as it introduces knowledge that has many practical and social implications. (See the Formal Manifesto addressing the social activism of pursuing emotional and moral literacy for the public.)

There are myriad applications of this conceptual development; the benefits are multiple. Science provides objectivity to the realms of subjectivity; this unit entity is allowing the revamping of education and psychotherapy into a program of rational emotional and moral education that may be delivered to the public and must be delivered at the classroom. The model program, Creativity and Power Management, is presented to the participants of this week end conference.

The week end meeting is officially starting the debate on the scientific moral paradigm and its practical significance through the delivery of this concise program of emotional and moral education. The meeting addresses how this unit entity is introducing scientific language, a set of clear concepts and formulas into behavior, how it is revamping psychology introducing new predictive diagnostic categories of wellness, the relational modalities; how it is leading to a new user friendly assessment technology that is diagnostic, therapeutic and educational, and how it reconciles religions among themselves and with science by giving new meaning to spirituality, redefining Genesis, the Commandments, the target of prayers.

The activities of this weekend duplicate those of the retreat’s training program. They start with the study of the creative process through a guided tour of the four exhibits of the Museum of the Creative Process. These art exhibits clarify and validate the theoretical premise. Subsequently journalists and scientists of behavior may sample the creative process and confer about the personal insights it evokes. Then they will discuss their impressions on the concepts, their relevance in generating scientific and moral consensus in our country and the world, in the world of science, the worlds of education, psychology and religions and its role in our times in neutralizing the self righteousness of religions by integrating them into the Moral Science.

The workshop will address the following questions: Is the organization of ideas in a story the object for the scientific study of behavior? Does the unit entity show that moral and psychological thinking overlap? Do we have diagnostic categories of wellness? Does the assessment confirm statistically the new diagnostic personality categories? Is the theory based assessment instrument diagnostic, therapeutic and educational? Can this conceptual departure reconcile religion and science? Does it reconcile religions among themselves? Does the theory correctly integrate religions into an evolutionary process of abstractions leading to the rigorous Moral Science? Can the Moral Science complete the mission of religions by clarifying a set of universal moral values that we can teach in the classroom without controversy? Can the study of the creative process reconcile art and science, bridge the humanities and the sciences, make religions accountable to the Moral Science? Can we and should we study wisdom in the classroom?

This gathering is promoting awareness of a new concept and its dedicated venue with the same name, Teleion Holon. The venue is located in the beautiful VT country setting of the Wilburton Inn, a turn of the century grand American estate adjacent to Robert Todd Lincoln’s Hildene. Dr. Levis acquired the estate in 87, incorporated it as Art to Science, Inc. and in the course of the last 19 years he installed there the exhibits of the Museum of the Creative Process. Recently he annexed one more of the original buildings of the estate as the inn’s dedicated learning center and holistic retreat to introduce the new knowledge about the creative process as the unit entity through delivering the standardized concise
program of emotional education, Creativity and Power Management.

The target audience for this training is the well public, especially school and academic populations, also educators, all professionals in the fields of behavior. But part of this program may be also used as a screening process to evaluate a student’s need for counseling and the total program may be utilized at the proper setting as a manual driven psychotherapy.

The Teleion Holon Holistic Retreat will sponsor four annual think tank conferences with invitation of leading figures to each, to address the impact of this conceptualization in four areas of the social sciences: psychology, religion, education and politics. Dr. Levis is collaborating with other learning and research centers for duplicating his research findings on the study of the creative process.

So this press release is about introducing a training center, a new concept and a training program. Journalists and scientists interested in this research, exhibits and programs please view our web site www// and contact Dr Albert Levis at

802 362 2500, 802 362 3568, and e mail at