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Conflict Analysis: The Formal Theory of Behavior outlines Dr. Levis' theory. The book includes scientific ratification of the principals of the educational program.

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Conflict Analysis Training is a workbook that teaches how one resolves conflict through samples of creativity.





Animal Metaphor Test

Relational Modality


     Conflict Analysis: The Formal Theory of Behavior systematically introduces the study of the Unit process. The ten chapters present issues clarifying the relevance of the Unit paradigm for the disciplines of the social sciences.

     There is a companion volume, the Conflict Analysis Training. This is a manual driven self assessment and psychodynamic psychotherapy. By completing the manual, a person finds instantly how one resolves conflict and how to improve on one's way of relating in order to reduce one's pathology.

     The volume and the workbook are suggested readings for the Creativity and Power Management programs of study.  These volumes help to evolve theoretical knowledge, practical skills and personal insights.

    The Formal theoretical model is finding its way into managed care psychotherapeutic facilities, into progressive educational institutions and into programs of organizational training and finally into spirituality. The Unit Process is the integrative paradigm that makes behavior into the Moral Science. 


Stealing the Fire of the Gods

   Playing off of the mythological character Prometheus, who stole the fire of the Gods and brought it to mankind, the book functions both as both a critique of religious and political paradigms as well as a vision for pragmatic change.


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