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In How to Be A Bird, three religions emerge from the circle of virtual Jerusalem as respective messages on how to be a bird. The first station presents a threesome family of birds, Herons, standing tall within an arch, to symbolize Israel, meaning ‘to wrestle with God’. Islam means ‘submit’, a bird is in a cage, implying the injunctions of do not show your face if you are a woman, and do not share your thoughts if you do not agree. Christos means compassion. The third station is a crucifix, two slabs of slate and a crown of thorns. But we conceive it as a bird diving into the kettle to become chicken soup of the soul, the Christian recipe called compassion or Christos.

How to Be A Fish presents fish of different species as the apostles, the fishermen of souls, the writers of the gospels. Each one is a salesman of Jesus, a composer of the Christian faith. The metaphorical moral of the story is that art forms vary as the individuals composing the work rather than the object of study they try to depict. How to be a fish is the station of the Apostles. All Christian religions describe Christ as a different set of values. Christian denominations are diverse ways to be a fish. Some of the apostles are missing. The big fish ate the little fish, the law of the fish tank or the law of the sea.