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Matriarchy, the Aztecs' mother earth is the eagle, her partner is the snake. The Eagle devours the Snake, portraying intense cultural conflict.

The Aztec Calendar spelled out the impending doom of the world. This could be averted through blood sacrifice.

Stress reflects to the state of dependence on a parental figure. The Aztec Mother Earth was cruel. Children and partners were expendable.

During the times of matriarchy, family relations were strained. Without a husband, the mother had to depend on her youngest son to protect her from her oldest daughter.

In this sculpture, the Sun kills his sister, the Moon, and his siblings, the Stars. He is the role model of many cultural institutions.

The Aztecs believed that the sun, upon rising every morning, kills his sister, the moon, in the sky. The role model of cruelty is a reflection of how much conflict was present in this type of family.