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is a Natural Science Equilibrial Phenomenon

The Formal Theory regards the Conflict Resolution Process as the unconscious adjustment mechanism to stress.

We view the process as an energetic entity, as a natural science phenomenon, as an energetic transformation comparable but different from the Simple Harmonic Motion; the oscillation of the pendulum. The difference between mind and machine is that the mental oscillation is concluded usually upon the third cycle, as the conflict energy is transformed into insight and growth.

This energetic process is a six role-state sequence, the universal harmonic: The six role states evolve along a roller coaster of formal or relational intertransformations as a mental oscillation.

We also view the process as a formal transformation consisting of four equilibrial operations. The mind responds to stress, upsetting the balance with three relational operations that lead to the restoration of the state of rest. These operations automatically transform passivity to activity, antagonism to cooperation, and alienation to mutual respect.

This energetic and formal transformation takes place in six role states: Stress, Response, Anxiety, Defense, and Reversal leading to a Compromise and the state of Rest.

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The periodicity of five cycles of conflict resolution in The Gorski Retrospective confirms the natural science essence of the Conflict Resolution Process.

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The 12 murals of The Sanctuary of Metaphors confirm the universality of the Conflict Resolution Process, each mural consists of six tiles, reflecting the six part structure of all samples of creativity.

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The Happily Ever After outcome of fairy tales confirms the conflict resolution structure of all creativity.

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The four metaphors of the Wizard of Oz; the Yellow Brick Road, the characters walking it, the killing of the witch, and the encounter with Oz, are conceived as reflections of the conflict resolution process. Each metaphor represents one social science and how the process integrates it into the exact science of Conflict Resolution.

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