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Mural 1: Creation Story A new paradigm introduces scientific conceptualization in the study of Behavior. The paradigm/Unit is readily recognized as a six role process. It is the orderly, formal and moral sequencing of thoughts, an oscillation, the mental heartbeat, a natural science periodic phenomenon, present in all samples of creativity.
Mural 2: The United Metaphors of the World The Unit is integrating the social science disciplines: epistemology, diagnostic categories, assessment and therapeutic techniques, and ethics. The formal paradigm reconciles the humanities and the sciences, revamps psychology and psychotherapy, spirituality and education.
Mural 3: The Commandments The Unit redefines the unconscious abstractly as an order upgrading mechanism processing ideas along three morally directed formal operations. It is transforming passivity to activity, antagonism to cooperation, and alienation to mutual respect.
Mural 4: Self-Assessment Recognizing this orderly sequence of thoughts as a Unit entity makes Behavior into a natural science. Behavior becomes predictable, measurable, meaningful, and easy to assess and to modify by exploring our creativity.
Mural 5: Paradigms Evolve The Unit accounts for the evolution of paradigms in the history of ideas as the search for meaning and justice, as the search for the optimal conflict resolution. This quest has been transforming paradigms to become increasingly abstract and universal.
Mural 6: From Art to Science The Unit is the template to translate art to the Moral Science language. The Unit is the template to organize meaningfully symbolic systems into scientific and graphically portrayable structures.

The Museum of the Creative Process