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The Sanctuary of Wizard is divided into four sections, each pertaining to one metaphor from the Wizard of Oz; one for each day of the training program. Each metaphor corresponds to one of the social science disciplines and helps to evolve insights. The yellow brick road is the metaphor of the process. The characters walking the road represent personality types. Killing the witch pertains to personal transformation, assessment, and therapy. Oz corresponds to understanding morality.

The Museum of the Creative Process

  The Unit defines the unconscious as a periodic, measurable, moral order upgrading phenomenon, by utilizing scientific constructs. It is the abstract constructs and formulas, the logic, physics and the mathematics of the mental oscillation; hence the Unit bridges the humanities and the sciences. It is the creative process organizing thoughts in myths, dramas, metaphors and art.

  The Unit is the predictability of psychology’s relational syndromes. It is the art and associations of diagnostic instruments that serve to quantify, qualify, and modify the Conflict Resolution Process of the creator. The Unit is the cultural norms and principles governing relationships. The Unit is the many and evolving images of God.